Monday, November 23, 2009


She looked at her legs, looking down as low as she could. No. Nothing could hurt her more than that. Slowly tears start to roll down her cheeks as she blamed everything on her legs. No, compared to this, the pain of the accident was nothing. The pain of the surgery too, was nothing next to this.

“I love someone else.”

He said, eyes full of hatred.


Screams. Loud screams swallowed by the sound of the waves, yet it did not do her any good. She hit, she punched her own legs, for their inability to walk, blamed them for being a part of her, hating them for being her imperfection. Again and again with her fists, she punched them. But she could feel nothing.

“Kay!! Kay!! Stop it! Stop!!!”

A pair of hands stopped her, making her cry louder, “No, Sam!! Let me go!!! I hate them!! I hate them!! I hate these damned legs!!”

Samantha immediately understood, and hugged Casey from behind, immobilizing her. Tears formed in her eyes for she understood what made Casey hate those legs. “LET ME GO, SAM!!!!” Casey yelled, letting out her voice, fighting against the sound of the crushing waves.

“Kay.. Kay…Stop it, Kay… Just… stop it….” Samantha begged, tightening her embrace. She could feel the pain too, and she knew it hurts her friend a lot.

“Sam…. It is so painful, I wish I can just die….” She whispered between sobs.

“No, Kay. Don’t. Don’t you ever think about leaving this world!! You haven’t seen much of it yet!! Don’t you dare think of leaving this world, don’t you ever think of leaving everyone behind!!!”

“What’s the use….I can’t even walk… People see me as imperfection, Sam… All because of these stupid legs… They see me as one with this cold, metal wheelchair… and nothing more…”

Samantha loosened her embrace, and turned the wheelchair around so that she could face Casey. “Kay,” she called, but the girl looked away with her red, swollen eyes. Samantha observed her friend’s face, and noticed the dry, chapped lips. “Why did you skip your meals…? Your dad told me… you screamed every night as if you’re being tortured. Kay, stop this…” Samantha tried to sooth Casey’s aching heart.

“I know you’re hurt, Kay. We both know what happened. We both know what he said… But it is not your fault. It is never your fault…Kay, you may not believe me for now, but time will heal you. Time will heal us..”

Casey looked at her friend, staring deep into her dark orbs. Yes, Samantha had gone through something painful too.

“You have me. You have us. You have others. Kay, your broken heart will definitely be mended..”

Samantha turned the wheelchair, wanting Casey to face the sea. The red sky now reveals some of the glowing stars, and the light is so bright it hurts their eyes. Casey squinted her eyes due to the blinding light, but then heard Samantha said, “Open your eyes and see.”

She fought the light and opened her eyes as wide as she could.

It was stunning., the view of the sunset. The rough wind caressed her hair, and she felt Samantha’s palm on her shoulder. “The sun is setting. But it will rise again another day. It only gives way for the moon. It does not disappear. And even in its absence, in the dark we can see the moon and its beautiful light. We can be entertained by the glittering stars. Kay, there’s always more to life than you think.”

Closing her eyes, Casey thought deep. The ache, the pain was still there, urging to pull out her tears. But she held back. She’s still hurt, but she knew it will leave.

Yes, there’s always more to life than she thinks. And she’ll discover more with the first step----loving herself, her imperfection.
[A/N] This story is inspired by a dream--- a nightmare I had last night. Probably a good one to start off the blog! There will be more stories to come, regardless of who reads (or doesn't read) this blog! ^___^