Monday, January 17, 2011

Eyes Like Pearls Shine Like Full Moon PART 1

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"Get out of my room please, Gunner." Alethea stared at the pale figure in front of her, emotionless, yet making sure that her signals of wanting his absence is correctly transmitted, and received. Gunner sighed and replied, "I will, Elli. But mother wants you to get out. You must be hungry."

Alethea gave him another stare, yet a short one, and switched her choice of view to the window. The pale moon, almost pearly white, shines in the night sky. "I am not hungry. Not yet. Go on without me." she spoke, eyes locked on the single white orb in the sky. She could hear Gunner's sigh. "Four days in a row? I won't tell Mother my thoughts, but one of them is you're planning on committing suicide. Aren't you?"

The room is dim-lit, almost dark if it's not for the full moon. But Gunner could sense her, and he knew she was snickering. "I would've done that ages ago if it'd actually work. I really am not hungry, Gunner. Tell Mother that I'd do my hunting when I'm really thirsty. Oh, and tell her not to wear that white jacket I bought for her. It's troublesome to wash off the blood later."

Gunner stared at her profile; her dark hair shone under the moonlight, her skin is pale and so do her lips; but what made her different are her eyes; silver, almost platinum in colour, unlike the other of their kind. And he remembers the first time he met her.

He saw her that snowy night, running, leaving a trail of blood as she dragged her naked feet on the snow, panting. He saw her as nothing but food, and when she saw him, he froze---stood there like a tree, shocked to see her blood-covered face. But what shocked him the most is how she looked him with a pair of grey eyes without any fear, as if she knew that her life is going to be taken that moment, as if she was inviting him to take her life. And he stood there, thinking of the next step. For the first time in his life after death, he felt doubt.


He saw glowing orbs coming from afar. Multiple voices could be heard clearly later, calling; shouting; cursing. He just stood there. Then, an arrow was shot. It didn't hit her, but it went through his shoulder. Not that he felt the pain, anyway. "KILL HER!"

They ran, prepared to kill the accused one, but as they gOt closer and began to distinguish another form standing next to the woman, they stopped. They recognized it. They feared it.

"V...Vampire!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


He snapped back to reality when he heard the howl of the wolves. "You should go now. They are waiting." Alethea said. He agreed, and took steps towards the door. Without her consent, he chose to change her instead of kill her that night, and since then, that pair of grey eyes turned platinum, and she became his kind.

"Oh, I still don't like the name 'Ellie', so quit calling me that, alright?"

He smiled, and disappeared.


The ground felt soft against her cold skin. Oh, how she missed the feeling of coldness. Temperature doesn't have any effects on her kind. Fire could burn, yet not enough to kill. For so long she tried to end this life of unknown mortality. She believed that she could die. She'd find a way. She hated Gunner for making her a walking corpse, but she thanked him as well, for giving her a chance to murder those who accused her due to jealousy.

Thanks to Gunner also, she learnt that there's no such thing as true love and loyalty. Humans are bound to kill. They are born to kill, and be killed.

And she watched each and every one of those faces suffer, begging her to let them go. She tortured them the same way as they did to her; burn their houses first and took everything they have, and when they're lost, having no home to return to, she took their children's life-- the last bit of humanity inside her told her to give the children easy death, and the easiest was to rip their throats. After the children, the adults. Those who called her a witch because the odd colour of her eyes, those who killed her family, those who succumb themselves in jealousy and hatred.

Their screams was music to her that night. And her new family was there too, watching her; judging her.

But revenge was short. She had done what she wanted to do, and so she wanted to die. But vampires don't die easily, and since then, she tried various ways---- to die--- she even tried to starve to death. Yes, she starved, but death didn't come. Her new form is a curse, and she had no one to blame. Gunner, if she could, but Gunner did help her to seek revenge (although she didn't ask, he knew.)

Walking out of the thick bushes, she finally reached the beach. She tried drowning herself, but she found out that she could live in the water as well as the humans live on land. Gunner and their Mother told her to quit it because nothing would work, but she never believed them. She tried stabbing herself, jumping off a cliff, and jump into fire; but no matter how much her bones break, how bad her skin is burnt, they heal. They heal fast.

She felt the wind brushing against her skin and wondered how dull life is. Her family passed on long ago...brutally. And when will be her turn, she wondered.

From the distance she saw something on the shore, something big and white. Something that looked odd. The wind blew again, and she could smell it. The smell of blood.

Her throat aches, begging for a drink, begging to be relieved after four days of starvation. She endured it, for that human might have been dead for quite a while already. She approached him, and the closer she gets, the more distinct the sound becomes.

The sound of a beating heart.

Weak, but still beating. She stared at him. His white clothes, blood-stained. His body, wounded. As if looking into a mirror, he reminded her of herself, moments before Gunner buried his fangs in her flesh. The pain in her throat; or so-called thirst, becomes too much to handle, but she just stood there, listening to the weakening heartbeat, envious.


I was awaken by the sudden rush of warmth on my face. Am I dead? I feel so sleepy. I have no strength to open my eyes..

"Alethea, you know the risk of bringing a human here, don't you?"

Whose voice is that?

"I understand, Mother. I won't let him come close to the others. Please, understand my reasons too."

"I can't believe you brought home a pet, Elli."

As much as the conversation catches my attention, I feel more like sleeping. Alethea....I've heard that name before...long, long time ago...

TO BE CONTINUED...........