Monday, January 9, 2012

The Witch and The Twin Princesses : Introduction

Wise owl : "Little girl, you should not be wandering out here."
Little girl : "....."
Wise owl : "This forest is full of dangerous creatures, even ones unknown to the humans. They might eat you if you're not careful."
Little girl : "Well said."
Seeing the fangs as she spoke, wise owl attempted to flee, but in his futile attempt, the owl was easily caught and swallowed. Chuckling in satisfaction, the little girl quietly took a few steps forward, looking around with a pair of taunting, yellow eyes which were not seen by her previous prey. With a sarcastic smirk formed on her blood-stained lips, she dissolves into the darkness, leaving behind an echo of an eerie hiss.

 "Find them! Ahh!" the King shouted. The Queen walked closer towards him and gently placed her palm on his shoulder. "Calm down..This isn't the first time they go to the forest. They're all grown up." she said, almost whisper-like. 
"But they're not men! They're my daughters! And they chose the forest to be their playground! Of all places in the country, they chose THE FOREST!" he retorted. 
The Queen smiles, and replied, "They are indeed YOUR daughters."
And he sighed.


Observing the tracks carefully, Astrid looked at her sister and chuckled. "What?" asked Aurora. "We're too late. This is three days old." 
Aurora let out a heavy sigh and took off her hunting robe. Putting down her bow and arrows she sat on the nearest giant root and said, "Where are all the animals?!"
"Probably they got sick of us and run away. I don't know."
"But there should be at least one or two left behind. The last time we killed a wolf was a week ago! A wolf. A. One."
Astrid sat next to her sister, "Well, AYY wolf got us terribly scolded by father. The last time I see him scolding people like that was when he accidentally tripped on a banana skin, fell down the staircase and landed on his backside. It was hilarious."
Both of them laughed.
"It was meant for our annoying chaperones, thank you very much. I didn't expect father to go and check on us."
Silence filled the air for a moment, until Aurora's smile disappeared,
"But it is strange..... The forest is suddenly so...."
"Yes. Do you think something happened?"
Aurora was about to answer until a familiar sound was heard. The royal horse.
"Looks like father found out. Let's go." Astrid picked up her weapons on her side. Feeling a nudge, she looked at her sister.
"Does this mean we have to wear earplugs again? Father will surely scold us, you know."