Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Second Chance

15 years after the war, 2 years after the big Apocalypt Storm.
The small amount of survivors.
Strangely enough; it's like the world goes to a state of rewind. Amidst the ruins; skeletons; broken railways, nature made its way anyhow, resisting the stench of death and the sorrow lingering in the air. Trees growing at the strangest of places, pushing away things that are on its way to growth.

Aeda sat on an old, rusty vehicle that no longer bears its original form and stares at her surroundings.
Little houses made from the remaining parts of broken buildings contain families or individuals who needed a place they belong to; a home. Ex-soldiers who guard the area, and women gathering at the center of the area; cooking what nature offered.

The sky is not as blue as they were before for dust and dirt fill the air and the clouds are only mirroring the colour of the water on earth. However, the sky is wider now; compared to before, when buildings were so tall you feel like an ant trapped in a maze and the top of the buildings is the sky for you.

Aeda regretted nothing. She never regretted living even though she lost so much during the war and the storm. Because she had always understood the meaning of "you reap what you sow", and it is only natural that humans get what they deserve.

Nature is cruel, violent, unpredictable in so many ways. Its wrath surpasses human's knowledge; its strength surpasses human's ability and concept of protection.

But nature is also kind; for after what humans thought is the end; is actually a beginning.

Aeda stares at the buds that will soon bloom into beautiful flowers. They grow unhesitatingly from the soil that was created from dead bodies. One end; is one beginning. Nature calls, nature takes, nature gives--

a second chance.