Friday, October 29, 2010

This Neighbour of Mine, Part 1.

[A/N] This is a two-shot story. All characters are fictional, except Toma. hihihihi so this is labeled as a fanfiction, my attempt in practicing my long lost writing skills.


"What makes you think that this is easy,huh?" she questioned the older women standing in front of her.
"Because I've been through this, Kei." that woman answered.


"Stop crying, Michiyo."
I turned to face him. "Stop crying?! Do you know what he had done?!! If you came here just to downgrade me, then congratulations, Toma!" I gifted him a deathly glare (which I hope killed him that instant) and he backed off a bit.

Just a bit, though. Then he continued,

"Why in the world would you cry for a person who doesn't even cry for you? You're pretty much stupid, for an 18 year-old girl."

"I'm crying because I'M SAD, YOU IDIOT! Now get out! You're not helping!" I got up and tried to push him out of my room, but to no avail. He is a guy, for God's sake. (and a strong one too, that is.)

"What could I do anyway? I told you not to cry but you still cry. What difference does it make if I do anything? You will cry anyway." he pushed me lightly on my head. Realizing the truth in what he said, I sat, but not facing him. Things went silent for a minute or two until I took a really deep breath and said,

"I love him, Toma. I really love him. In my dreams, he is the one I stand next to on my wedding day. He is the one who takes our son out for a baseball practice. He is the one sitting next to me when we are old and wrinkly. I love him....and-"

"And he is the one holding another girl's hand and kissed her one hour ago." Toma interrupted.

"Shut up, Toma!" I buried my face in my pillow, fighting the urge to cry again as I remember the painful sight.

I saw Hayato and that girl. He was holding her hand. I stood there, nailed to the ground.

Then he kissed her.

Toma laughed, suddenly. I gave him a questioning look. "I really like the part where you punched him. In front of that girl!! Hahahhaha~"

Yes. I punched Hayato after that and broke up with him that instant.

Toma probably realized how quiet I suddenly become when I felt his big, warm hand on my head. He patted it. "Yo. You're crying?"

I shook my head, still wordless.

"Good. Or else I'm afraid I might drown in your tears. You cry a lot. Your eyes are going to get puffy, and you will get wrinkles if you cry." he said. I looked at him. "Really?"

"Urm...yeah. Except the last part." he chuckled. "Ja~ I gotta go now. I have some studying to do and I gotta help my mom with some chores." He gave me another pat on the head and walked away. Before he went out of my room I told him; "Teach your sister to cook, Toma. Your cooking could make girls feel shame."

He smirked. "I would teach her, if only she'd stop playing soccer and stop practicing Kendo. I couldn't call that kid a sister. She's more like a younger brother to me. Reckless and rough. Like you. Hahaha~"


This neighbour of mine couldn't evade the pillow.


Being classmates, I have no choice but to face Hayato every day. When people asked him about the bruise on his face, he said he fell. But they knew better. All of them found out that he cheated on me. How??

That neighbour of mine is a very famous final year student in my school. And he has a loose mouth.

I gotta thank Toma, though. He is one of the not many people in this world who could make such realistic exaggerated stories. He told everyone that Hayato cheated on me, called me bad names when he's with another girl, and then cheated on that girl for another girl. As much as I know Hayato, I don't think that he would do all those stuff (except cheating).

I stopped talking to Hayato, of course. But I have to admit that the pain is still there. All those times I spent together with him... All those hugs and kisses...all those sweet nothings we whispered... And how we spent our time together having lunch under a shady tree during breaks...

Now I sit here, alone.


I literally jumped. Toma laughed so loud I just couldn't help but to shut him up using the cover of my lunch box. He groaned in pain after the hit, but still laughing. I ignored him. I TRIED TO ignore him. When he finally calmed down (finally!), I stared at him. "What are you doing here?"

"I was looking for you~"
"Why? Don't tell me you don't have enough rice in your lunch box."
He casually replied, "I haven't eaten them yet, so I don't know~" and looked into his lunch box.
"Then what do you want?"
"Mo~~ you're grumpy today. Are you on your period?"

"Will you just shut up?"

He patted my head again. "I was actually walking in the hallway and I kind of saw you. You looked so lonely I thought that you might be crying again. This used to be the place where both of you used to spend breaks together, right?"

I nodded.
"And I saw him surrounded by girls in the hallway. Gosh, that makes you look so pathetic. He's having a good time, you know.-------OW!!OWWW!!! STOP IT!!!"

I pinched him hard on his thigh. "If you come here to make a fool out of me, then I suggest you to get up and get lost!!" I pushed him away. Stupid Toma! Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid TOMA!! "Woah~ You're really strong when you're mad...!!.......----- Hm..? Chotto..!! Yah!! Don't cry!!!"

I just couldn't hold back any longer. It's just so painful. "Go...away. The last thing I hearing you calling me....pathetic." I spoke between sobs. He was silent. Maybe he went away already. Good. Just leave me alone.

But to my surprise, I felt a strong arm around my shoulder. I startled, but then I heard him said; "My shoulder is big enough for you to cry on."

I felt my eyes burn again, and cried.

This neighbour of mine is really kind. He's mean, but he's kind enough for me to rely on.

to be continued~