Wednesday, December 2, 2009


And then again, every drop of water falling from the sky hurts him like bullets shot from millions of guns in the sky. He was terribly hurt from her words, words that cut every inch of his heart, words that made him bleed.

“You’re awake.”

He turned to the familiar voice; and the blur image became clearer and clearer by the second. He could recognize the outline of the person. It’s Amy. Amy sat next to him with a faint smile. “Mom and Dad are on their way.” she spoke.

And slowly, he felt pain on his leg and torso. Only then he realized that he’s in the hospital ward, lying on the hospital bed, and worst, in terrible pain.

“You are so……what should I say?? Perhaps… stupid?? Idiotic?? Dumb? Why the heck did you ride your motorbike under the heavy rain, with speed of 120 km/h??!! Are you attempting suicide??!! If that car hadn’t stopped, you’d probably be lying inside a coffin right now!!”

Good gracious. A babbling Amy. It’s worst than death itself; he frowned.

“Is that how you treat a patient, Amy?? I feel sorry for John.” Nash muttered with a slight smirk plastered on his face. “Well, he should get used to it if he wants me to be his wife next year.” Amy chuckled.

“So….what did I broke?”

Amy stayed silent for a while and looked at her brother’s leg. “Well, first of all, your right leg. Then… you got two fractured ribs, some glass shard on your left arm, and the worst so far is… the motorbike. No doctor can save that junk. Broken to pieces. I wondered how you survived that accident.”

Blast it. I spent a lot for that thing.

Nash frowned again and Amy could read what’s in his mind. “Think about that later cuz you gotta get through this alive first.” Amy smirked. “Get through what alive??” He asked, and Amy pointed to the door. Nash turned his head a bit and saw Mom and Dad.

Oh no.


The dark clouds appear like thick, black cotton candy, darkening the sky that is thought to stay bright the whole day.

“I don’t love you. I never did.”

Those words were uttered, followed by a glare full of hatred and anger. He thought he was struck by lightning, all numb and frozen and cold. But he could feel his heart beating painfully beneath his chest.

It was worst than any backstabbing he received before. Worst than any heartbreak he had before.

He gave her his heart.

She turned around and walked away without turning back.

Suddenly the scene changed, and he’s riding his motorbike. The heavy rain didn’t stop him. He believed that what happened is just a dream. A nightmare. He needs to wake up. And so he turned and ride his bike on the other lane. The opposite way.

His eyes snapped open, and he found himself panting and sweating. Was he running ten miles?? He looked around. He’s still in the ward. Alone.

“A dream…” he sighed. He could still feel the ache in every breath he takes, but he’d blame it on the fractured ribs.

Then he heard a knock on the door and a thin, short haired guy entered. “Hey, man.” he said with a smile. Nash returned the same smile and a painful chuckle. “Your sis told me what happened. Oh, cool man!! Your leg got cemented!! Good thing I brought a Sharpie with me!!” he laughed and took out a pen. “I guess you got no one to beat you in basketball for a while.” Nash spoke. ShaoKee smirked and wrote something on Nash’s cemented leg.

Then another voice entered the room. “Nash!!” Izzy showed up with KFC. “Good. Hospital food sucks.” Izzy placed it near him and took out a chicken wing. “When did I say it’s for you??” He showed off in front of him and laughed, earning a smirk from Nash. “Just jokin’, man. I heard your bike exploded.” he said, taking the sharpie from ShaoKee and wrote something on the patient’s leg. “Nah, just got broken. Real bad.” Nash replied.

“So…she broke up with ya, huh?” Izzy asked. Nash had the how-did-you-know-that look on his face and Izzy continued, “She told us when all of us found out that you got hit by a Honda Civic. She felt guilty, blamed herself.”

“Pshh..” Nash dissed.

ShaoKee chuckled. “C’mon, man. Just let her go. She doesn’t worth your blood. You’d better off playin’ basketball and hang out with us. The time will come when you’ll meet someone crazy enuff to love you.”

“Yeah. You should just love us for now.” Izzy laughed and got his arm punched by ShaoKee.

“Hey guys!! You’re here already?!!” Nad entered, followed by the others; Anna, Catherine, Jane, Izz, Ash, Dina, Hasz, and the rest of his friends.

“Shut up guys! Or else the nurse will get pissed and chase us out!” Izzy joked, and things just got…funnily loud.

From the bed, Nash looked. Izzy having a catfight with Nad and Anna, ShaoKee finishing the KFC chickens and earning some scolding from Jane and Izz, and laughter echoes in the room. Slowly a smile crept on his face.

She hurt him indeed, but nothing can hurt him more than losing his friends. The rain will stop falling eventually, and let the sun shines again.