Saturday, April 17, 2010

A White Demon Love Song.

I played the song again. A White Demon Love Song.

If it wasn't because of The Twilight Saga : New Moon, I would've never discovered this song. Somehow after the first time I heard it, we just clicked.

It reminds me a lot about me. How I cope during hard times, how I held on to life after you left, and how difficult it was to recover after the hard fall.

He isn't coming after all
Love this time
She likes the way he sings
White demon love song's in her dreams

It annoyed me, how the sun still rose beautifully even though I was hurt so much I felt like dying. My greed, my grudges, wanted everyone to suffer like I did. Those tears I shed, turned to blood, turned into grudges, eating me inside, changing me, changing my way of perspective.

White demon, where's your selfish kiss?
White demon sorrow will arrange
Let's not forget about the fear
Black invitation to this place that cannot change
While strangely holy, come for a rain

For a while I was trapped in a dark, hollow place, succumbing in the hatred so deep, I became brave, too brave to do anything, including hurting anyone who comes in my way. And for a while I did so, hurting those around me, both who hurt me and who didn't. Silently, I screamed for help. I wanted someone to help me. It was so painful I couldn't stop crying. As if I no longer know myself.

White demon, widen your heart's scope
White demon, who let your friends go?
White demon, widen your heart's scope
White demon, who let your friends go?

I thought I got weaker. Until one day a light shone above me, and abruptly I realized that I have to swim above, to the light. I swam, reaching for the light. And at the moment I reached the light and held it with my hand, I knew...

I'm moving on.

A White Demon Love Song turned off.

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